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Alpha Learning

Providing the infrastructure for e-learning in UK schools

Information and communications technologies have revolutionised entertainment and commerce. Yet, inspite of the efforts of teachers and enthusiasts and the expense of much public money, their influence on education has been negligible.

At Alpha Learning, we believe that a vital piece of the jigsaw is missing. Just as the HTML standard lies behind the world wide web; the long-playing record behind the explosion of popular music in the 1960s; the three-pin-plug behind the market for electrical appliances; and the standard gauge railway behind the later industrial revolution—so mature standards for technical interoperability between learning systems and content are an essential prerequisite for the successful application of technology to learning in schools.

In combination with other key players, Alpha Learning is playing a major role in addressing the lack of adequate and appropriate technical standards. Through our forward-looking software and our influential consultancy, we are helping to apply technology in ways that will make a real difference to learning in UK schools.


Driving industry standards for interoperability

Crispin Weston chairs the Suppliers Association for Learning Technology and Interoperability in Schools (SALTIS), which he set up in July 2007. With over 50 members and key partners, SALTIS is working on a strategy for interoperability for 2009.

Leading a review of SCORM sequencing

Following LETSI's October 2008 workshop in Pensacola, Florida, Crispin has been appointed Chairman of the LETSI workgroup which will review the sequencing model to be used for SCORM 2.0.
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